About My Blog and Myself

My name is Emily, I am 19 and on 18/11/13 I was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer named Osteosarcoma. This is normally seen in the arms or legs in young adults and only 150 cases are diagnosed in the UK each year, but keeping a positive attitude is definitely the best way forward!

I am CRAZY about cooking as you may have seen in the title of my blog! I attend a well known college for its catering in East Kent. I was studying a Level 3 Catering course at East Kent College in Broadstairs when I was diagnosed. In the end I had defer the course for a year but now I’m back (lucky them!) and determined to finish the course! I’ve even been able to serve at some phenominal functions at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace through connections at the college.

I hope (if I do get any readers!) then you will find this interesting, possibly helpful and a little bit different. Feel free to leave comments or get in contact, especially if you try my recipes! I’m always open to constructive criticism!


14 thoughts on “About My Blog and Myself

    1. Thank you!! Well with that fantastic recipe book you sent through I’m sure I could rustle something up, but my sous chef is very picky when it comes to his curries!

  1. I loved “meeting” you and your recipes are a welcome addition to my must-try collection. Your experiences as a chef at such a young age are impressive. Although I live in California, I am an original Kentish Maid. Good luck with you bog, Emily! Your attitude will get you through and you have so many pulling for you.

  2. Hi Emily, this is Judy and Paul, Bill and Kath’s friends. Kath keeps us up to date on your news and we wish you and your mum all the very best. You can bake me a sponge as soon as you are able! All the very best!! Judy and Good old Paul.

  3. Hi Emily,

    Grandad told me about your page! I am so incredibly proud of you and I love your recipe for the Lemon Meringue Cupcakes and will definately be making these with my children at school.

    Keep the recipes coming and good luck with everything!


  4. Hi Em, your Dad messaged me about your YouTube video. I had to watch it as soon as possible and I messaged him back. I thought you were highly professional, emotive, yet dignified and mature. You’re a star!
    Thinking of you all,

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