The Student of the Year Awards

Back in December (after my first brain operation) I went in to college to say hello to everyone, get up to date with gossip and eat lots of food! I was wandering around talking to the Chefs and my friends when one of my Chefs gave me a certificate and explained whilst I was away on radiotherapy I had been nominated by my College for the national student of the Year award.

I was really honored and a bit speechless! It was lovely to know that my Chefs thought that highly of me! I didn’t win (I’m sure out of all the entries it was a bit of a long shot!) But as it turned out, I had been highly commended at the awards along with 9 other students from up and down the country.

So on Monday 1st February I attended an award ceremony along with my Chef lecturers and my Mum and Dad. And the ceremony was only at THE HOUSE OF COMMONS!! I know! So we headed over there, none of us really knowing what to expect and after an airport security type of entrance (which is always fun when you have a long titanium tube in your leg!), we were in!

The entrance itself was a big hall which wasn’t actually that impressive but once we got past that bit, it was incredible! Elaborate paintings on the walls and rows of statues down the halls. It really was an amazing sight! We were then taken through to another room where we were offered canapes (which became a game after a while of ‘who can eat the most canapes?’) and drinks. After a small speech about the students and the Association of Colleges, lots of photos were taken! We spoke to many people in the room and it was really cool to be in the presence of so many MPs and incredible students.

I think we all had a fantastic time and I really enjoyed myself and ashamedly got a huge amount of selfies!

Emily at Big Ben

My Big Ben selfie!

I am very pleased to report I am back at college now and back in the pastry kitchen, eagerly trying to get on top of all of the work I’ve missed! I’m determined to finish this course! Our latest project has been chocolate work and that’s something I definitely enjoy!

We have our annual Teenage Cancer Trust Meal coming up in a month or so at the college. It’s always a fantastic event so full steam ahead towards that!


4 thoughts on “The Student of the Year Awards

  1. Wow Good on you! You most certainly deserve it Emma, so.pleased for you as you have become a huge inspiration for many. All.the best with completing the course!! xx

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